Terms of Services

These are the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between you, our customer (referred to as “you” in these terms) and AKRA Visas & Services Pte Ltd, UEN 201919874K. By Using our Service, sending or delivering documents such as your Application(s) Passport(s) and other documents to AKRA Visas & Services Pte Ltd, you acknowledge that you are accepting the Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions may change from time to time. Please continue to review the Terms & Conditions when using our service.

Service- AKRA Visas & Service’s primary service is to assist you with your travel visa application and to provide administrative and documentation support. You will be informed of the documentation that will be required for the application. We ensure that all documents and forms are as per the issuing authority’s requirement. We then submit the duly completed forms and documents by you to the appropriate representatives. We will strive to provide you with the most accurate and up to date information. Our priority is to ensure your visa is available prior to your travel in a timely manner, however the requirement for visas and the related information may changes without prior notice. Please be informed that all requirements such as processing fees, requirement of documents, processing time are calculated based on general requirement and may vary based on nationality, travel history and etc.

AKRA Visas & Services will not be able to guarantee that the information supplied will be complete and accurate. AKRA Visas & Services is not and shall not be responsible for any inaccurate or incomplete information. AKRA Visas & Services will only process your service request once an order confirmation is made via online, email confirmation and or using our manual request form. We do not assume or take responsibility for other visa requirement that was not indicated in the service request form. Once a request is made, an order confirmation email will be sent to you. The confirmation email will indicate if AKRA Visas & Services is able or not able to assist with your service request. AKRA Visas & Services has the rights to refuse any service request without giving any reason.

Delivery-We can arrange for the documents to be picked up (if required) from the designated location for the same day collection or the next working day as requested. Submission of the application will be the next working day unless otherwise stated. The delivery and collection charges are excluding AKRA Visas & Services handling fee and the charges will be added to your Order.

Process- Consulates and/or the Embassies may request for additional documents to process the application at their discretion and may delay or reject application at their discretion without giving any reason. Consulates may change their requirement without prior notice and some changes may take effect immediately. Processing times mentioned by AKRA Visas & Services are based on general information, however additional days may be required on certain cases. By engaging our service, we do not have any special privilege or priority over the application AKRA Visas & Services, is not affiliated to any government agencies or its partners. While we make every effort to ensure documents are accurate for submission, the final decision on the status of the application will be determined by the issuing authority and AKRA Visas & Services, do not have any control over the embassy’s decision and AKRA Visas & Services will not be responsible for unexpected delays of the application.

Payment and Fees – AKRA Visas & Services handling fees are excluding Embassy/Consular fees, courier charges (if applicable) and other additional fees and tax (if any) to be paid along with the embassy/consular fees. Payment can be made via cash, bank transfer or using major Credit/Debit cards prior to the collection of travel documents. Additional merchant fees for Credit/Debit card payment will be applicable. Payment must be made to AKRA Visas & Services prior to travel document collection once the service request is completed. Once the application is submitted to the issuing authority, all fees including our handling fees are non-refundable. In the event if there are any rejection of application due to insufficient documents or information, we will try to submit the application on your behalf upon your request the next working day AKRA Visas & Services, do not initiate any additional re-submission fee, however if there are any fees that is requested upon the issuing authority (if any), it will be payable by you. The issuing authority reserve the rights to reject or request for more documents if necessary.

Cancellation and Refund- In the event if you decide to cancel the service request, you must inform us by writing. Once the application is submitted to the issuing authority or any authorized representative, our service fee along with consular fees and other related fees will be applicable.

General– It is very important to plan your visa application well ahead, as embassies and consulates observe local and overseas holidays. AKRA Visas & Services, shall not be responsible for the action of the issuing authority, consulate and/or embassy’s decision on delaying the application process or rejecting the application, validity of the visa granted for any reason whatsoever. Acceptance and approval of the application will be at the sole discretion of the embassy/consulate and their decisions are final.